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Most of you who want to get started with an online business are not very decided/honest about what they want or about what they’re willing to do..

That's why we came up with an ALL IN ONE Program as a package!

It includes Everything You need to start a SMMA (social media marketing agency) business.

Which in our opinion is one of the best and scalable service business out there!

PS: By the way, we are giving you 15 DIFFERENTS SMMA ideas so don't worry you don't need to be a Facebook ads expert or something like that...


This is for those who wants to make … $5,000 $10,000... $100,000 per month

It’s all of the logistics and none of the BS that many other marketing “experts” try to pass off as real information.

But here's the catch : You must be willing to learn and commit to this process!

Without you taking action, there will be NO RESULTS at all.

What's Included in the SMMA Starter Package?

The SMMA Starter Package Bundle + BONUSES

  • Starting your agency (training, pdf, pricing plan, contract, template, etc)
  • ​How to land high-tickets clients formula (video training + scripts)
  • ​Direct Outreach Formula + Scripts to land $1K - $2K and even $5K Per Month Clients
  • ​Sales Training (live close + Scripts)
  • ​On boarding client process (Easy & Fast)
  • ​Legal documents & contracts
  • ​Website & Funnel Template for your agency
  • ​Website & Funnel Template for your clients
  • ​PDF, Cheatsheet and tools on how to market your value, create video ads, promotion video, do audit, etc
  • ​VSL powerpoint & script
  • ​Ad Copy & Swipe Files

Brands That We have Worked With!

$35K/month Marketing Agency

@NickFx10 his a consultant making $65,000+/month

Instagram Marketing Branding Deal Closed

SMMA Deal Closed

$50K+ CAD 

$36,000 Contract
($12,000/month) SMMA Deal Closed

$10,000 in 7 Days
+ $20K SMMA/month

Hitting the 6 Figures Business ($8,300/month+) with One E-book Funnel

Getting Email Of Clients That Want To Work With You

What You Will Learn in this Program?

• How to Start Your SMMA Business (Business License, Tax Info, etc.)

• Social Media Marketing & Ads (Facebook & Instagram) 

• Search Engine Optimization

• Email Marketing & Automation 

• What You Need to Know About Building Websites, Funnels, sales page

• How to Land Clients Worth $25,000+ 

• How to Price Your Services & Build Packages 

• How to Build A Team And Scale to $1,000,000+ per year 


You’ll learn the exact strategies that we are using to get clients and what are the requirements to get started.

So that you can build your own agency with confidence, using my step-by-step formula!

We will even teach you how to build a team, so when you’re ready, you’ll be able to step back and run your business on autopilot.


"How Our Clients/Students Are Making
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What You Can Achieve If You
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Start Your Own SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING AGENCY in the next 30-60 Days!

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